The zero Waste Solution for your clothing

Jennifer SaultJun 20, 2022

Nothing needs to go to landfill, with thanks to Kiswa!


Thrift for Good and Kiswa are partnered up to offer the only fabric recycling solution in the UAE. What can be sold is sold in Thrift for Good stores, with 100% of the profits supporting the projects of Gulf for Good. What cannot be sold is recycled into furniture in Turkey with Kiswa.


The statistics around fashion is simply staggering and overwhelmingly wasteful. With an estimated 150 billion pieces of clothing being produced each year, we are creating more than we have ever before.1 What is worse is that 1 out of 2 people throw their clothing directly in the trash, accounting for 64% of that newly created clothing ending up in landfill within its first year.2  In 2018, 17 million tons of textile waste ended up in landfills, according to data from the Environmental Protection Agency.


These are all perfectly good fabrics that take large resources of water, electricity, chemical dyes, and human labour to produce. A 2021 report from the World Economic Forum identified fashion, and its supply chain, as the planet’s third largest polluter (after food and construction).


The stats are undeniable; the world’s current approach to fashion is as unsustainable as it gets.


At Thrift for Good, we extend the life of existing clothing. People contribute their preloved clothing, which is rehomed again and again, keeping from the landfill. Volunteers work to stain treat, repair and wash clothing to make clothing new again to give it the longest life possible. 100% of the profits of the resale of this clothing is donated to the children’s charity projects of Gulf for Good under IACAD approval.


But what happens to the clothing that is damaged and beyond repair?


Thrift for Good is proud to be partnered with Kiswa, who recycle end of life textiles into furniture in Turkey! Kiswa purchase these materials from Thrift for Good, contributing AED2 per kg to the charity projects.


“Kiswa offers the only recycling solution for clothing in the UAE. As such, we are so proud to partner with them to offer a truly zero waste solution for our supporter’s clothing” – Jennifer Sault, Founder and Managing Director at Thrift for Good.


The current project is to purchase the “Sparkle Farm”, land which will be used to secure two daily meals to children in Malawi, lowering the Sparkle Foundation’s food costs. Also, the land will be built into the curriculum for the children in their care, so farming can be learned as a life skill – a staple in the Malawian economy and work force.


How can people contribute their preloved clothing?

Clothing, shoes, bags, accessories and books of any condition can be dropped to any Thrift for Good store in Dubai. Alternatively, people can request a free collection via Kiswa here: or Thrift for Good’s sponsor, Shyft, here:


Thrift for Good will give AED10 store credit in exchange for your total contributions.


For more information, follow Thrift For Good on its Instagram page @thriftforgood or to indulge in a little charitable shopping, visit


This initiative is approved by Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department, license number 4686