Kiswa for Institutions

Financial support

Kiswa offers companies financial returns for maximizing the value of used clothing through recycling initiatives.

Comprehensive coverage

Kiswa covers all regions of the United Arab Emirates through its fully equipped fleet of cars in less than 24 hours from submitting the pickup request.

Media support

Through our online channels & social media platforms all important news, events and partnerships are covered on an ongoing basis.


High credibility and integrity in our work is essential for fostering enduring relationships and partnerships in the long run.

Kiswa for Individuals

Free & safe disposal of old clothing

Clothes will be collected, sorted, recycled and reused safely.

Get your instant reward when placing an order

After disposing of your used clothes with Kiswa, you will get cash, vouchers & discount codes from many brands as a reward to our recyclers.

Saving customer’s time and efforts

Customers send the receipt request through our electronic apps and our representative will be on their doorstep within 24/7.

How does Kiswa deal with used clothes?

Clothes collection

Used clothes get collected from homes, free of charge through our specialized team and equipped vehicles.

Clothes sorting

After receiving these clothes, we work on sorting and classifying them according to their conditions.


Recovering and reprocessing these textiles into raw materials to be used again in other industries.