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Recycle Your Old Clothes

NowAnd Get Cash Rewards

Safely disposing of your old clothes is our 👕 ♻️ specialty

We aim to provide the best use of your old and extra clothes

Replace your old clothes with Kiswa

to get exclusive offers from worldwide brands and many more!

Our mission is to protect the environment

through Sustainable Recycling to advance Zero Waste System.

How Do We Work?

Submit your request

We receive your used clothes

Get instant rewards

Sorting & Recycling

Why Recycle With Kiswa

Environmental Hazards of Textile Waste

The world produces more than 100 billion items of clothing annually, and consumes more than 93 billion liters of water

More than 5% of the world's total waste is textile waste

Which takes approximately 200 years to decompose in the soil

But do you know what happens during this period?

Soil is affected and pollution occurs in groundwater, sea water and rivers

Which causes global warming

Plants are affected and then animals are affected

 Behind them are humans, everything we eat and drink will be contaminated

So we need to recycle clothes.

Contribute with Kiswa and preserve the environment

Safe disposal of used clothes

By 2050, environmental scientists predict that textile waste will be the number one cause of death, but if we come together and recycle then things can change for future generations by creating a sustainable life for them.

Make a difference and participate in creating a brighter future with Kiswa

Receive immediate cash rewards and exclusive discounts

After submitting your request, our representative will reach your door for free. He will get your used clothes from you, and you will win instant financial rewards and discount coupons from the biggest brands.

Kiswa offers

Exclusive offers and discount codes on your favourite products and services from the most famous brands to reward our customers.

How? Through our representative when placing your pickup order.


100 %

Discounts from Noon up to

50 %

Discount from Airfrance

10 %

Discount from Green_ard

25 %

Discount from T-island Cosmetics

20 %


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