Meet Kiswa


Kiswa is a company specializing in clothing recycling, aiming to protect the environment from the dangers of textile waste. Additionally, it supports charities by generating financial revenue through its recycling efforts.

Kiswa started its activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and then expanded across the GCC countries to achieve its vision and raise the awareness about the dangers of clothing accumulation and textile waste

Our Branches:

  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Oman

  • Kuwait

  • Bahrain

  • United Arab Emirates

  • Qatar


Our Vision

Supporting charities by facilitating the process of collecting, sorting, and delivering clothes in  profissional methods

Protecting the environment by supporting textile sustainability and promoting community awareness of the dangers of textile waste.

Our Mission

  • Providing smart solutions to facilitate the collection and recycling of excess clothes.

  • Enhancing the social responsibility mindsets through our initiatives and digital platforms.

  • Building partnerships with all sectors to support our environment and community

Our values


We follow the latest methods of collecting extra clothes and communicating with customers to achieve the highest level of comfort and efficiency.


Preserve our planet’s resources, provide solutions based entirely on recycling and environmentally friendly practices


Together we can support charitable activities and provide the beneficiaries of charitable support what they need from extra clothes and also sustain the environmental resources by recycling your damaged ones.


Documenting the distribution of clothes to charity associations, partnerships and community initiatives to maintain transparency and provide a top notch customer experience