Kiswa Shop: Empowering Less Fortunate Families to Experience Eid Shopping

Kiswa Shop Initiative: Empowering less fortunate Families to Experience Eid Shopping

A Leading Social Solidarity Initiative

In Kiswa Shop initiative, we strive to empower less fortunate families to experience Eid shopping themselves in a free and dignified manner.

What is Kiswa Shop Initiative?

Empowering less fortunate Families:

The initiative seeks to empower families with limited means by providing an open and friendly shopping environment.

less fortunate families can enter and enjoy a shopping experience safely and dignifiedly without any financial cost.

Free Shopping Experience:

The initiative provides a unique opportunity for less fortunate families to choose their "Eid wardrobe" according to their tastes and needs at no cost.

The market is equipped with a variety of high-quality clothes and accessories to suit all family members.

Our team of volunteers assists us in organizing and operating the market and helping families shop to ensure the best experience.

Fostering Community Solidarity:

Kiswa Shop initiative is an opportunity for community engagement and solidarity, where everyone feels cared for and supported by the surrounding community.

How to Participate in the Kiswa Shop Initiative?

You can contribute to our efforts by contributing high-quality excess clothes and accessories that enrich the shopping experience for less fortunate families.


Kiswa Shop initiative to empower less fortunate families to experience shopping themselves is an important step towards building a more humane and solidarity-based society.

Let's work together to make the holiday season a joyful and dignified one for everyone.

Join us today and be part of this wonderful experience!